Sell Scrap Gold

Sell Scrap Gold. We would like to offer our clients a safe and honest way to exchange your broken or unwanted Gold, Silver, Diamonds or any unwanted jewellery for Cash. For over the 13 years we have been in this industry we have seen too many people being mislead and hurt by the many other buyers claiming to provide top prices and quality service but yet in reality their buying prices are below what we could consider acceptable.
We wanted to create a precious metals sales process that provides our customers with a transparent, secure and simple process they can rely on.
We even offer a referral program. You can get money just from referring friends or family to us. For every precious metals purchase of $800 or more, you get $50 Cash in your hand.

Sell Scrap Gold In Sydney

Sell Scrap Gold in Sydney. Choosing a good, safe, honest and reliable Jewellery buyer to Sell your Jewellery to is very important, especially with the current market showcasing numerous ?fly by night? companies and pawnbrokers that the sole motive of excessive profit-making at your expense. This is why we are one of the most trusted options when it comes to Selling Jewellery in Sydney.

Our staff make sure that we give you utmost personal preference and the highest value on investment when selling your diamond jewellery or antique jewellery items. We do not believe in middlemen nor commissions, but only operate simply through trust. We have been blessed with a very loyal customer base that comes back with references for people who are looking out for a reliable buyer in Sydney to sell their Jewellery or any other unwanted jewellery items.

Sell Scrap Gold For Instant Cash

Sell Scrap Gold for Cash Sydney We are Sydney?s to paying buyer and will pay TOP MARKET PRICES for your jewellery and any other Precious Metals including scrap and or broken Jewellery. We Pay you cash on the spot. We have friendly representatives throughout Sydney and the outer Sydney metropolitan suburbs to answer your Jewellery questions and pay you cash on the spot if you decide to part with your old or unwanted items.