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Sell Gold Sydney have established this website to offer our current and potential customers a safe and reliable way to sell Gold, Diamonds and jewellery for instant Cash in Sydney.

Sell Gold Sydney Gold Buyers guarantee the highest market price possible. We?re a multi award winning gold buyer so why not call us today 02 9235 0129. We have been in this business for over the 13 years now and over this time we have seen too many people being mislead and hurt by other Sydney gold buyers claiming to provide the highest prices and top quality service but yet their buying prices are below what we could consider satisfactory.

We wanted to create a precious metals exchange process that provides our clients with a transparent, secure, and simple process they can rely on.
Sell Gold Sydney also offer a referral program. Simply meaning that you can get money just from referring friends or family to us. For every precious metals purchase of $800 or more, you get $50 Cash in your hand.

How To Sell Gold

How to Sell Gold. Learn the different forms and purity levels of your gold and jewellery. Bullion coins and ingots are normally sold in coin shops and jewellery stores. Ingots range in weight from one tenth of an oz. to one oz. This is the most convenient form for physically owning this investment item. Precious metal shares of gold are the preferred ownership method for large amounts to keep. Another often over-looked form of gold is scrap, which includes broken jewellery and various types of platings.

Understand that the price of gold is firstly given as U.S. dollar per troy oz and exchanged via the various currencies and this includes the Australian Dollar. The price may often fluctuate daily and sometimes even hourly. Many buyers set their individual prices to sell each day just before opening for business, so don?t hold onto it all day thinking that selling at the end of the day may get you more profit as the highest price could be at 11am for that particular day.

Sell bullion coins and ingots to stores specializing in gold jewellery and receive the quickest cash return. These stores can be found listed in the telephone book under precious metal dealers. These types of dealers may also buy items such as scrap jewellery and even watches, if the karat value can be established for the items.

Selling through a brokerage firm. On paper, large brokerage firms move tons of precious metals per day. Large amounts are often sold in this way will net the most up-to-date price.

Put your jewellery up for sale through an online market such as Gumtree Sydney or eBay. The seller?s lowest price is set in advance of the auction or sale and a healthy profit can be made from this on hot items such as old watches or engagement rings. The online marketplace is also the best way to estimate the value of a scrap item.
Finally, If your in Sydney?. Come in and see Us. We have been rated ?Sydney?s Best Paying Buyer. We offer a no obligation price. Located in the Sydney CBD, Shop 1c The Strand Arcade.

Sell Gold For Cash

Sell Gold for Cash. We will pay TOP MARKET PRICES in Sydney for your Jewellery and any other Estate Jewellery including scrap and or broken Jewellery. We Pay you cash on the spot. We have friendly representatives throughout Sydney and outer suburbs to answer your Jewellery questions and pay you cash on the spot if you decide to sell your old or unwanted items.