Sell Gold Jewellery

Sell Gold Jewellery. Selling Gold Jewellery in Sydney may appear to be a bit of a daunting task for quite a few people. This is quite unfortunate especially since selling gold for cash is a regular method to raise much needed extra money at times of need that has been practiced over thousands of years by millions of people around the world.

Selling jewellery is one of the easiest ways of raising extra money in Sydney if you happen to have the need for it when bills are due. Or it might be that you have a lot of unwanted items in your possession that are broken, old fashion or you don?t really like it and selling is the best way of disposing of to buy new pieces.

Some unwanted items may include earrings, bracelets, bangles, necklaces, chains, rings or any other articles of jewellery that you might possess.

How To Sell Gold Jewellery

How To Sell Gold Jewellery. Collect all the unwanted jewellery pieces that you do not want and wish to sell and place it into different categories. Place broken ornaments or pieces with missing parts in one section. Place the unbroken jewellery in another section. Place any antique jewellery into another section.

Get your jewellery appraised. Before you decide on a specific place to exchange your items, appraise your unwanted items so you have an estimate of how much your items are worth. This helps you choose the best option to sell to get the maximum price.

Weigh up your selling options. Not all companies accept the same type of jewellery. Online buyers may accept broken items whilst a retail jewellers store may only accept whole gold.

Selling broken jewellery to the Sydney scrap precious metal buyers such as Sell Gold Sydney. We at SGS will take your broken jewellery off your hands for the highest price. We will also buy your unbroken and complete items..

Take your intact items to some Sydney pawnshops and ask for a selling price. Get prices for each piece of jewellery or ask a bulk selling price.

Take your jewellery to a jeweller in Sydney. Ask them for individual and bulk prices for your jewellery.

Compare all your offers to see how much your gold was appraised for. Choose the option that offers you the highest amount closest to your appraisal.

Call Sell Gold Sydney to be offered a better cash price than the various methods above. Its our job to give you money and we love our jobs very much.

Sell Gold Jewellery For Cash

Sell Gold Jewellery for Cash We will pay you TOP MARKET PRICES for your jewellery and any other Precious Metals including scrap and or broken items. We will pay you cash on the spot.
We have friendly representatives throughout Sydney and outer suburbs to answer your diamond and any other related questions that you may have and pay you cash on the spot if you decide to part with your old or unwanted pieces.