What Do We Buy

Sell Gold Sydney, is Sydney’s Highest paying gold buyers. Regardless of how much or how little you have to sell, visit us in our showroom conveiently located in the Grace Hotel lobby on the corner of King & York streets and you will receive the highest payouts for your gold items. Our buying rates are displayed and updated every 5 minutes to ensure you get the best market prices that we guarantee. The process is quick and simple. You can walk away with cash in your hands in under 10 minutes. We will weigh your gold, test and analyse your gold jewellery right in front of you and explain the payout structure and rates.

There are no hidden fees or commission when selling your gold or selling your jewellery.

As a wholly family owned and operated business, we provide full customer service when it comes to selling gold, gold jewellery, diamond & diamond jewellery. We also buy gold bullion, gold coins, gold scrap and gold broken gold jewellery . Give us a call and get in touch for more info!

we buy gold jewellery

What Do We Buy?

Sell Gold For Cash

We Buy Gold

We buy gold and nearly all shapes and sizes, we pay the highest prices for your unwanted gold jewellery items.

Sell Gold Jewellery Sydney

We Buy Gold Jewellery

We buy gold jewellery even if it is broken or new, we pay the top market prices for your unwanted gold jewellery.

Sell Scrap Gold Sydney

We Buy Scrap Gold

We buy scrap & broken gold items in any quantity, we pay instant cash for broken and scrap gold jewellery items.

sell precious metals Sydney

We Buy Precious Metals

We buy many types of precious metals including gold, silver and platinum, Give Us a Call and find out how we can help

Sell Diamond Rings Sydney

We Buy Diamond Rings

We buy diamond rings 1 Carat & above in all shapes and sizes. Top cash prices paid for your diamond rings.

Sell Engagement Rings Sydney

We Buy Engagement Rings

We buy diamond engagement rings and this is one of our specialities. We pay cash for diamond engagement rings.

sell certified diamonds Sydney

We Buy Diamonds

We buy certified diamonds 1 carat and above, come talk to our friendly staff for a free appraisal on your diamonds.

Sell Diamond Jewellery Sydney

We Buy Diamond Jewellery

We buy diamond jewellery old & new in nearly all shapes and sizes. Top cash prices paid for diamond jewellery.

sell gold jewellery sydney

We Buy Gold

We Buy Gold. Gold is currently selling at record high rates on the stock market and making it extremely valuable today, Grace City Jewellers Sydney is the best place to sell gold in Sydney. People across the state are taking advantage of this opportunity to sell because of its strong value. This would be the perfect time to rummage through that box of jewellery that you don’t wear and exchange them for cash.

Fortunately, you can now sell gold to Grace City Jewellers Sydney, one of the only retail jewellery buying stores in Sydney, conveniently located in the Grace Hotel on York Street Sydney. You can sell precious metal or gemstone valuables of any sort, and our gold specialists will give you the best possible cash prices in the industry. We will spend the time to give you a personal, confidential valuation and can ensure you that you get the best possible deal.

Whether you are just looking to get rid of a necklaces or rings, or have a huge jewellery box of vintage ornaments pieces left over from over the years. People from all walks of life sell gold with us. Vendors and industrial gold users often sell to us, and enjoy the service and experience of our knowledgeable staff. You may even learn something new about your gold jewellery items.

We Buy Gold Jewellery

We Buy Gold jewellery. As we are the best in our field, we are here dedicate the utmost attention to detail when appraising fine diamond and jewellery, and we approach our business with the artisanal craftsmanship of an art or antique estate jewellery collector. Because we’re interested in the fine, rare details, and history of your jewellery pieces, you can be sure to get the best value on your goods when you sell jewellery with Grace City Jewellers. You should never have to compromise or settle for a lower price when you part with your jewellery, and we’re prepared to offer you competitive prices and unparalleled expertise.

Come in or call today to receive TOP DOLLAR For your jewellery. We Buy: Antique Jewellery, Coco Chanel, Chaumet, David Webb, Verdura, Bulgari Pieces, Platinum Jewellery, Fine Watches, Georgian Jewellery, Edwardian Pieces, Estate Jewellery, Tiffany Pieces, Boucheron, Winston, Art Deco, Mauboussin, Signed pieces, Blackamoor, Buccellati, Rolex, Seaman Schepps, Victorian, Cartier and much more.

we buy gold jewellery
sell gold jewellery sydney

We Buy Broken Jewellery & Scrap Gold.

We Buy Broken Jewellery & Scrap Gold. Your jewellery box or safe might contain a small gold mine that can fetch you a considerable amount of money now that gold prices are extremely high. In these harsh economic times are simply the best for any individuals that want or need to sell gold, even broken or scrap gold. Regardless of the shape of your jewellery, you can get the highest prices and now its possibly the best time to sell. It is still unclear on how far up the prices for scrap will rise. However, they might even reduce over time as the world economy begins to recover. What this means is that it is the high time to get the maximum return on investment for your gold.

Making money from precious metal assets to get cash for particular purposes like paying bills or taking a car to get repaired, cashing in an unexpected demand in jewellery items are some of the possible reasons as to why people would want to exchange their jewellery or sell diamonds for cash. At other times, we may find better offers in the current market and the urge to sell becomes irresistible. Therefore, the reasons for selling of jewellery can vary as well.

Come and see why Grace City Jewellers has been rated Sydney’s Highest Paying Gold Buyer by Choice Magazine.
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