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    Selling antique jewellery seems to hold more value because of its significance. Discover how to get more profits selling antique jewellery in this article!

    Real jewellery of all kind can be valuable items; however, antique jewellery seems to hold more value because of the significance they carry. They are often characterized by a high level of craftsmanship and interesting story.  

    Whether you have an old diamond or gold jewellery, they require different methods of valuation. Valuation is always important when you plan to sell antique jewellery to give you an idea of what it’s worth. However, before discussing that, what exactly is antique jewellery?

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    What is Antique Jewellery?

    Sell Antique Jewellery

    A piece of jewellery is described as antique when it hits the 100-years mark. If it has lasted a century, it can be called antique jewellery. For instance, any jewellery made before the year 1922 will be considered a piece of antique jewellery in this year. Also, time plays a major role in categorizing antique jewellery as it can be grouped into the eras of its crafting. These categories are: 

    • Georgian:1714-1837 
    • Victorian: 1840-1890 
    • Art Nouveau: 1890-1910 
    • Edwardian: 1901-1910 

    How to Sell Antique Jewellery

    There are different ways to sell antique jewellery. And knowing how to get the best price while selling is something tricky. The easiest method is to sell to local stores or jewelers, especially if you have one you trust. Most jewelers are more than willing to purchase antique jewellery. You can always negotiate with different jewelers before making a final decision.  

    antique jewerlly store

    Another option to sell antique jewellery is at an auction. You can hold an auction, working with a local auctioneer who is experienced and has people who like to buy antique jewellery. This option should be considered if your piece is very valuable and has a documented owner history that is compelling to potential buyers. However, the auctioning process can be a lengthy one. 

    You can also sell antique jewellery online. Some websites specialize in the sales of antique jewellery, where you can list your jewellery online. This involves you attaching pictures of the jewellery and any certification that you have. If you have a lot of antique jewellery to sell, a much better idea is to create a personal webpage to display your stock. 

    A pawn shop is another place where you can sell antique jewellery. They’ll test the jewellery to be sure that its metals and gemstones are real and valuable. However, this option is not the best as they buy at a fraction of its real value. 

    How to Calculate the Value of Antique Jewellery

    Calculating the value of antique jewellery can be complex and requires specialization. Sometimes it requires an extensive amount of historical knowledge and market experience.  

    calculate gold value

    Every antique jewellery has its unique story, significance, and value. Therefore, the value of antique jewellery cannot be generalized. Its value can, however, be determined based on three important factors, which include; the condition of the jewellery, its time period, and the type of jewellery. 

    • Condition: Antique jewellery ages at least a century. Over this period, its condition may have deteriorated, depending on how the jewellery has been looked after. Maintaining antique jewellery in good condition increases the price. 


    • Time period: Being sure of the age and time period of antique jewellery helps to price its worth in at the second-hand jewellery market. The era when a piece of jewellery was created can greatly impact its value, as some eras are more significant the others. 


    • Type of Jewellery: Considering the type of jewellery is also another important factor. To consider. The type of jewellery, stones and its metal’s weight and purity are all contributing factors to its price. 


    • Rarity: A piece of antique jewellery that is a particularly unique piece or rare model will be considered of higher value. 

    How to Calculate Gold Value

    The price of gold is fairly straight forward to calculate. It mostly depends on the weight, purity and current market price. Different factors impact the price of gold which changes daily, but usually its fairly stable.  

    antique jewerlly gold buyer

    All you need to know is to assess your gold and check out the market value. There is a standard formula used in calculating the gold value, which goes thus; 

    Price of gold jewellery (Final price) = Gold price per gram * Weight of gold in grams + MC + GST 

    • Gold price per a gram (check purity specific price) 
    • Weight (in grams) 
    • GST (Goods and Services Tax) rates 
    • Making charges (MC) 

    For instance, if you’re to trade a gold bracelet that weighs 15 grams, which is 24 ct pure. Perhaps the value of gold today is $500 for 10 grams (or 10g). The jeweller charges 10% making charges. using the above formula, the final price of the gold bracelet will be calculated as follows;  

    • The price of 10g of 24ct Gold: $500 
    • Price of 1g of 24ct Gold: $500/10 = $50 
    • Price of 15g of 24ct Gold bracelet = $50 * 15 = $750 
    • Making Charges (MC)= 10% of $750 = $75 
    • Total value of gold bracelet (before tax) = $750 + $75 = $825 
    • Goods and Service Tax (GST) @ 3% on total price = 3% of $825 = $24.75 
    • Final price of gold bracelet (with tax) = $825 + $24.75 = $849.75. 

    How to Calculate Diamond Value

    diamond value

    Selling diamonds can be a bit confusing with antique jewellery. While the price of contemporary diamonds is usually based on the carat, the price of antique diamond jewellery is more influenced by the following:  

    • Condition: antique jewellery with no missing pieces that are in good condition are worth more. 
    • Collectible or Not: If the jewellery is collectible (depending on the brand), it is more valuable. 
    • Materials: The other materials asides from the diamond also show the quality of the vintage piece  
    • Rarity: If the diamond cut, the seeing or the entire piece is rare, it makes it more collectible. Hence, it is more valuable. 

    Antique pieces are usually valuable because of their age. These pieces of jewellery with various shapes and sizes have been passed from past generations, with most having been made of high-value materials. The aesthetic value and history that they embody stretch from the ancient days till date and have unique stories accompanying them. It is only fitting for these historical pieces to be valued correctly and sold for their worth. 

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