All You Need To Know About Jewellery Valuations


Since the dawn of time, Jewellery has been valuable. While some people try to invest in jewellery, others buy it to show off their exquisite taste and status. Nonetheless, insuring your jewellery is critical because the insurance company can compensate for it if they are stolen or mysteriously go missing. This is a major reason that has prompted the need for jewellery valuations. 

There are numerous scenarios where people buy jewellery hoping to re-sell at a greater price. However, many factors influence the value and price of your jewellery. So, what is a jewellery valuation, why is it so important, and how do you ensure you’re making a smart and profitable sale? This article covers the important things you need to know about jewellery valuation. 

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What is Jewellery Valuation?

Jewellery Valuation, as the name implies, is an assessment performed by an expert to determine the worth of a piece of jewellery. When determining the value of a piece of jewellery, several factors are taken into account, including the materials used, the age of the jewellery, provenance, the quality of any gemstones and condition of the jewel, and how and by whom the jewellery was made. If you plan to sell your jewellery, but you have no certification for your jewellery, some online stores offer free valuation before making any purchases.



The Importance of Jewellery Valuation

There are some important reasons why jewellery valuation is beneficial. Some of which include: 

  • For insurance purposes (the most popular reason). 
  • For social purposes. 
  • For divorce settlement purposes. 
  • To show proof of ownership. 
  • For damage assessment claims. 


Do Market Trends Affect Jewellery Valuation?

Precious metals (such as gold, platinum, and silver), diamond, and other gemstones can be affected by market trends. While they do not depreciate, the margin of appreciation is pretty small. Your jewellery is more of a store of value than an investment. Most jewellery pieces are generally valued by their size, weight and purity. Since these properties of your jewellery don’t change, the valuation would remain the same or almost the same. An exception to the rule would be for pieces that have garnered popularity and are basically historic.

Is Jewellery Valuation A Costly Process? 

Jewellery Valuation Costly Process

Truly, jewellery valuation costs money. However, it is a wise financial decision, and the cost is more than justified. For example, if you lose a gold watch or a diamond ring and do not have insurance to cover a like-for-like replacement, you lose the money entirely. While the sentimental value cannot be replaced, at least the jewellery value can. It would be best not to cut costs with your valuation as it may cause future problems. If your jewellery gets lost and assessment discrepancies are found, your insurance may be voided.


Does Jewellery Valuation Determine The Worth of Jewellery?

Jewellery valuation does not always reflect the price you could get if you sold the item directly to someone you know. Nevertheless, it provides you with an insurance appraisal price for the price of replacing the jewellery in question with a brand-new and high-quality option. To avoid undervaluing the item, a jewellery valuation is typically required. You risk being underinsured and violating your policy if you declare the value you believe to be worth rather than the actual value, forfeiting any entitlements


Jewellery Valuations for Divorce Settlement 

Divorces are usually messy when you have jewellery as a marital asset. How do you share it? While getting a lawyer is crucial, you and your spouse should be reminded that the jewellery would only go for the most recent second-hand price. Usually, this price is about thirty to eighty percent of the original retail price. This is because you pay for the experience and what the jewellery represents. A professional valuation would give you an idea of what the jewellery is worth and facilitate settlement. 

Jewellery Valuations for Divorce


Always Use A Reliable Jewellery Valuation Service 

Finding a reputable store to assist you with your jewellery valuation can be difficult. There are many subpar sellers and stores that claim to do jewellery valuation in the market. However, some reputable stores can assist you with your jewellery valuation and provide professional advice on when how to sell your piece. One indicator that a store can be trusted to perform a jewellery valuation is the presence of in-house experts. Other factors you should be looking out for would involve the longevity or lifespan of the business and the similarity between their valuation and the market value. 


In conclusion, jewellery valuation is useful for anyone with expensive jewellery, especially if you plan to sell. With its numerous benefits, you should spare no time in getting your lovely pieces valued. 

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