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CaratSpot PriceWhat We PayChange
9k$ 31.33$ 27.34 + 0.39 %
10k$ 34.84$ 30.40 + 0.39 %
14k$ 48.71$ 42.50 + 0.39 %
17k$ 59.18$ 51.64 + 0.39 %
18k$ 62.67$ 54.68 + 0.39 %
21k$ 73.11$ 63.79 + 0.39 %
22k$ 76.54$ 66.78 + 0.39 %
24k$ 83.55 $ 72.89 + 0.39 %
Prices Displayed Are Per Gram. Generated: 05/30/2020 09:12:10
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Sell Gold Sydney

Sell Gold Sydney. is Sydney’s highest paying award winning gold buyer. What makes Sell Gold Sydney different from other gold buyers is our ability to offer the highest payouts and our continuous commitment to ensuring our customers are satisfied. We understand that people have gold but not everyone knows their gold’s current value. We run our business in an open and honest way to help you know the exact price of your gold item. We make the experience of selling gold simple and easy. We will show you how your gold is evaluated, tell you it’s true price, and let you decide if you would like to sell the gold. Call our friendly family run team on 02 9299 9910 to secure the best price today, you’ll be glad you did.

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Selling Gold Jewellery in Sydney

Choosing a good, safe, honest and reliable Jewellery buyer to Sell your Jewellery to is very important, especially with the current market showcasing numerous ‘fly by night’ companies and pawnbrokers that the sole motive of excessive profit-making at your expense. This is why we are one of the most trusted options when it comes to Selling Jewellery in Sydney.

Our staff make sure that we give you utmost personal preference and the highest value on investment when selling your diamond jewellery or antique jewellery items. We do not believe in middlemen nor commissions, but only operate simply through trust. We have been blessed with a very loyal customer base that comes back with references for people who are looking out for a reliable buyer in Sydney to sell their Jewellery or any other unwanted jewellery items.

Selling Gold & Diamond Jewellery With Us Is As Easy As1 2 3 Read Below To Find Out How.
Give Us A Call Or Come Visit Our Sydney CBD Store.

The first step when selling your gold is to give us a call or come into our store, no appointment needed but it sometimes helps.

We are conveniently located at 77 York Street (inside the Grace Hotel) on the corner of King & York streets right in the heart of the CBD about 5 mins from Town hall Station.
You can call our Sydney office on 02 9299 9910 any time during office hours and one of our friendly Sell Gold Sydney staff members will be waiting to speak to you and answer any questions you may have about our process.

Gold Jewellery Buyers Sydney 77 York Street
We Evaluate The Karat Value And Weigh Of All Of Your Items.

The next step in the process of selling your gold involves determining how many karats a piece of gold has and how much it weighs.
Gold purity is commonly marked on the item and is graded as per the table just below.
To ensure we give you the best price every time, we have invested in the latest technologies such as the XRF precious metal analyser that will help you analyse your gold jewellery and scrap gold.

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We Lookup And Verify The Most Current Gold Price Data.

Once the purity and weight of your gold is determined, we will determine the current market price for gold.
The price of gold changes and fluctuates every day worldwide.
Therefore, we continuously check the most up to date price of gold per ounce every time we deal with a client to ensure the best gold buyers price is given.

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We Will Offer An Instant Cash Price For Your Gold.

Once the purity and weight of your items are determined and the current gold price is checked, we will make you an offer.
We will show you how your gold is evaluated, tell you it’s true price, and let you decide if you would like to sell the gold and receive instant cash.

Why Sell Gold Sydney is rated among the best gold buyers in Sydney?

Simple! At Sell Gold Sydney, you get only the best value for money when you sell your gold every time. More importantly, you will personally get to see how we evaluate the purity and value of your gold items with the latest technology such as the XRF precious metal analysing machine. Sell Gold Sydney has been among the best and most competitive gold buyers in Sydney for nearly 10 years. Our success derives from our focus on building long term relationships with our customers and making sure that you are offer the best and most competitive price. We believe that offering the highest and most competitive price will create repeat business. Don’t waste your time, come in to our CBD store located inside the Grace Hotel (Corner of King at York Street) and get the price that you deserve!.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The price of gold changes and fluctuates every day worldwide. As such, the offer on your items will be based on the gold rate at the time you bring in your items.

Absolutely nothing. Once you bring in your items, one of our friendly and experienced Sell Gold Australia jewellers will provide you with an appraisal efficiently and free of charge.

No you do not have to, just bring your items as they are or you can do that if you prefer to.
Valuations are solely based on the carat and the amount of your gold jewellery regardless of any stones or gems big or small. Feel free to call us on (02) 9299 9910 or email us and discuss if you have any questions.
Sell Gold Sydney pays all its customers instantly and on the spot. A Valid Driver’s license or other identification will be required for legal and security purposes.

What Do We Buy?

Sell Gold For Cash

We Buy Gold

We buy gold and nearly all shapes and sizes, we pay the highest prices for your unwanted gold jewellery items.

Sell Gold Jewellery Sydney

We Buy Gold Jewellery

We buy gold jewellery even if it is broken or new, we pay the top market prices for your unwanted gold jewellery.

Sell Scrap Gold Sydney

We Buy Scrap Gold

We buy scrap & broken gold items in any quantity, we pay instant cash for broken and scrap gold jewellery items.

sell precious metals Sydney

We Buy Precious Metals

We buy many types of precious metals including gold, silver and platinum, Give Us a Call and find out how we can help

Sell Diamond Rings Sydney

We Buy Diamond Rings

We buy diamond rings 1 Carat & above in all shapes and sizes. Top cash prices paid for your diamond rings.

Sell Engagement Rings Sydney

We Buy Engagement Rings

We buy diamond engagement rings and this is one of our specialities. We pay cash for diamond engagement rings.

sell certified diamonds Sydney

We Buy Diamonds

We buy certified diamonds 1 carat and above, come talk to our friendly staff for a free appraisal on your diamonds.

Sell Diamond Jewellery Sydney

We Buy Diamond Jewellery

We buy diamond jewellery old & new in nearly all shapes and sizes. Top cash prices paid for diamond jewellery.

Sell Gold Sydney buys an extensive range of gold and silver items including: • Gold rings and chains • Gold Coins • Gold Bangles • Fancy Gold Bangles • Silver coins • Gold Earrings • Gold Jewellery Scrap • Gold watch cases • Unwanted Gold Jewellery • Gold Rings • Gold Pendants • Gold Fob Watches • Gold Coins • Gold Pendants & Chains • Unwanted Silver Jewellery It’s never been easier! We believe in customer service and satisfaction. There is no middle man, so when you sell your gold, silver or platinum jewellery to Sell Gold Sydney, you are getting the best and most competitive price anywhere in Australia.